COVID Curricula:

A FREE 45-Day Flexible Leadership Program for Secondary Music Educators

Impactful online content you can use now

In the coming days and weeks, as our educational world transitions to online learning, music teachers all across our country will be searching for practical and easy to implement solutions for online learning.  And while there is no “one size fits all” solution, Leadership University can engage your students in REAL learning, with REAL assessment, in REAL time. Our solution can be used as stand alone curricula or customized and combined with other online solutions. The choice is yours to make.
Each instructional unit contains a video, text and worksheet. Every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday morning we will deliver a lesson of the day to your inbox. You can copy/paste and use it as it, or take the remainder of the day to customize it to your liking. The goal is for you to deliver a new lesson to your students every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, allowing for individual practice or Zoom team meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Throughout the course, students can use the worksheets/meeting attendance as proof of completion. In addition, you will have hours of lively and thought provoking discussions that will help your entire program take a leap forward once they return to school.

Course content includes:

01 Course Introduction
02 What Music Is Teaching
03 What Makes Music Kids Different
04 What We Learn from Leadership
05 What Is Leadership
06 Setting the Example
07 Learning to Take Initiative
08 If You Can, You Must

09  Getting Along with Others
10  How to Deal Problem People
11  Typical Problems Leaders Face
12  Dealing with the Uncertain World Change
13  How to Motivate Others
14  Goal Setting
15  Being Authentic
16  Talking to My Future Self

It’s meaningful curricula made simple. We know how difficult these uncertain times are and we just wanted to do our part to help move the needle forward for all music makers.


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