Unit 1: Introduction

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Welcome to Leadership University, your online personal interactive student leadership journey. We’re excited that you’re here. This first video is designed to give you a taste as to what the course is about and some things you will need to do in order to be successful on your leadership journey.

All course materials should be accessible to you immediately and can be completed in whatever time frame you choose; however, each unit must be completed prior to starting the next unit and should be completed in order. You should plan on allotting fifteen minutes per unit, not including the worksheets.

Each unit will have a discussion section. We encourage you to use this and share your thoughts, ideas, questions, and general leadership observations. This is a chance for you to communicate with other student leaders from around the country.

Please remember that it is important that prior to watching any of the videos you download the course materials so you can use them as a guide. When you are finished with them, be sure put them somewhere safe as you may want to submit them to your director at the end of the course.

The order of the attached materials is meant to sequentially follow the video. This may create some informational overlap at times, but it is more important to provide as much information in an engaging and interesting manner:

  • Don’t try to do too much in one day. Rushing through a trip not only makes for a less enjoyable journey, but also makes for a poor decision-making process.
  • While these materials are designed for self-reflection, the true intent is for you to use it as a “leadership journal” and share the contents with others. “The more you give” to your peers, “the more you will get” from them. Isn’t that a “win-win”?
  • Your thoughts have intrinsic value just as they are — don’t try to impress anyone with them. You are an authentic person, and your individual thoughts and beliefs as a leader should be reflected in these activities. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

We are excited for you to join us on this special journey and wish you all the luck in your leadership travels! Be sure to use the discussion box below to chat with fellow travelers both near and far.

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