Unit 3: What Makes Music Kids Different?

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By this point in your life you have more than likely answered enough questions about yourself and your group to last a lifetime. I hope it is giving you an idea into how complex leadership can be. Now it is time to take a break and do something different. Since the materials in this chapter are designed to highlight how special the young people of your music group are, I would like you to design an activity that demonstrates to them how special they are.

Start by brainstorming about what you could do to reflect the special and unique nature of your organization. Take five minutes and write as many crazy ideas on paper as possible. Don’t worry just yet about how you will accomplish these ideas; just write, as you will have an opportunity to refine your ideas later. Don’t stop until you have at least 25 distinctly different ideas.

After you have written all of their ideas down, take a little time and rank them – not necessarily according to their feasibility, but more for their likeability. Great things are not always easily accomplished. Focus on the top five ideas and begin to hash out the details…what, where, when, how and why are always good places to start. Your ideas need not be fully developed, but you need to have enough specifics so that others can understand your idea.

Take your top five ideas and prepare to present them to the rest of the leadership team (if your director allows). Get feedback from others and take time to field their questions. Someone in the group will have to keep track of all of the top five ideas for a vote later on.

If possible, have the entire leadership team vote on the top three ideas that they believe will have the greatest impact. Break the team down into three different teams to accomplish the three selected activities/tasks.

DISCLAIMER: I have purposefully been vague on this activity so as to not stifle your creativity. If you have questions or need a few ideas to get you started, email me and I would be more than happy to help you out.

Think about how your life would be different right now had you not chosen to make music a part of your life. This might make for some fun posts in the comment box below!

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